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Ristorante Santabbondio
Unser Gourmet-Restaurant
"Martin Dalsass mit seiner kreativen, mediterranen Küche beherrscht die Kunst, Produkte des Meeres

Restaurant in Sorengo-Lugano - Switzerland - Tel: 0041 (0)91 993 23 88

http://www.ristorante-santabbondio.ch santabbondio@bluewin.ch
See & Park Hotel Feldbach
Das See & Park Hotel Feldbach verwöhnt die Gäste wie gute Freunde nur mit dem Besten aus Küche und Keller.

Restaurant in Steckborn - Switzerland - Tel: 41 (0)52 762 21 21

http://www.hotel-feldbach.ch info@hotel-feldbach.ch

Aachmühle Hauser Kurt Tel: 0041718771131   Address: Achmühle    Town: Speicherschwendi   Restaurant in Switzerland

Adler Bar Tel: 0041713600370   Address: Hauptstrasse 21   Town: Schönengrund   Restaurant in Switzerland

Adler Herblingen Fischer Herbert Tel: 0041526432907   Address: Schlossstrasse 5   Town: Schaffhausen   Restaurant in Switzerland

Adlergarten Tel: 0041418701062   Address: Adlergartenstrasse 66   Town: Schattdorf   Restaurant in Switzerland

Adler Günter Rolf Tel: 0041527426161   Address: Rathausplatz 2   Town: Stein am Rhein   Restaurant in Switzerland

Adler Habermacher René Tel: 0041554401210   Address: Adlerplatz 1   Town: Schübelbach   Restaurant in Switzerland

Aelggialp Berggasthaus Zumstein Marlene Tel: 0041416751362   Address:    Town: Sachseln   Restaurant in Switzerland

Aequator AG Tel: 0041714478070   Address: St. Gallerstrasse 229   Town: Stachen   Restaurant in Switzerland

AIOLA Tel: 0041416601515   Address: Brünigstrasse 158   Town: Sarnen   Restaurant in Switzerland

Akropolis Sazdili Ahmed Tel: 0041326212007   Address: Kreuzackerstrasse 6   Town: Solothurn   Restaurant in Switzerland

Albana Restaurant Le Gourmet u. Spunta-Grischun Tel: 0041818387878   Address: Via vers Mulins 5   Town: Silvaplana   Restaurant in Switzerland

Allmendhuisli Tel: 0041416101237   Address: Ennetbürgerstrasse 5   Town: Stans   Restaurant in Switzerland

Alpenblick Cedron José Tel: 0041526249030   Address: Stimmerstrasse 76   Town: Schaffhausen   Restaurant in Switzerland

Alpenhotel Quadratscha Tel: 0041818511515   Address: Quadratscha 2   Town: Samedan   Restaurant in Switzerland

Alpenrösli Flütsch Ernst Tel: 0041813321218   Address:    Town: St. Antönien   Restaurant in Switzerland

Alpenrösli Schwabethal Mario Tel: 0041562411901   Address: Dorfstrasse 26   Town: Schneisingen   Restaurant in Switzerland

Alte Herberge Weiss Kreuz Tel: 0041816309130   Address: Oberdorf 66   Town: Splügen   Restaurant in Switzerland

Appenzeller Schaukäserei Tel: 0041713685070   Address: Dorf 711   Town: Stein AR   Restaurant in Switzerland

Arte Tel: 0041818375858   Address: via Tinus 7   Town: St. Moritz   Restaurant in Switzerland

Astoria Dachgartenrestaurant Farese Antonio u. Rosmarie Tel: 0041326227571   Address: Wengistrasse 13   Town: Solothurn   Restaurant in Switzerland

Auberge Communale de St-Livres chez Anita et François Tel: 0041218085156   Address:    Town: St-Livres   Restaurant in Switzerland

Auberge de la Couronne Chalupny Valérie et Urs Tel: 0041329511115   Address: La Theurre 6   Town: Saignelégier   Restaurant in Switzerland

August Tel: 0041712221543   Address: Augustinergasse 31   Town: St. Gallen   Restaurant in Switzerland

Autobahn-Raststätte Forrenberg Autogrill Schweiz AG Tel: 0041522353160   Address:    Town: Seuzach   Restaurant in Switzerland

Autobahn-Raststätte St. Margrethen Autogrill Schweiz AG Tel: 0041718885466   Address: Nebengraben    Town: St. Margrethen SG   Restaurant in Switzerland

Barmade AG Tel: 0041419820808   Address: Abendweg 6   Town: Schötz   Restaurant in Switzerland

Baseltor Genossenschaft Tel: 0041326223422   Address: Hauptgasse 79   Town: Solothurn   Restaurant in Switzerland

Bellaval Heini und Daniela Mettier Tel: 0041818333245   Address: via Grevas 55   Town: St. Moritz   Restaurant in Switzerland

Bellevue am See Tel: 0041419258110   Address: Bellevueweg 7   Town: Sursee   Restaurant in Switzerland

Bernina Tel: 0041818521212   Address: Plazzet 20   Town: Samedan   Restaurant in Switzerland

Bildungszentrum Matt Tel: 0041414997099   Address: Matt    Town: Schwarzenberg LU   Restaurant in Switzerland

Café Meier Tel: 0041527611166   Address: Seestrasse 125   Town: Steckborn   Restaurant in Switzerland

Central Nucera Daniela Burgener Tel: 0041279571717   Address:    Town: Saas-Almagell   Restaurant in Switzerland

Centre de Loisirs des Franches-Montagnes SA Tel: 0041329512478   Address: chemin des Sports 10   Town: Saignelégier   Restaurant in Switzerland

Chäseren Tel: 0041713611751   Address: Chäseren 327   Town: Schönengrund   Restaurant in Switzerland

Da Mario Tel: 0041419211037   Address: Centralstrasse 12   Town: Sursee   Restaurant in Switzerland

Engel Tel: 0041416191010   Address: Dorfplatz 1   Town: Stans   Restaurant in Switzerland

Fischerzunft Jaeger André Tel: 0041526320505   Address: Rheinquai 8   Town: Schaffhausen   Restaurant in Switzerland

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