International Fast Food Fair Moscow - 14-03-2012
International Fast Food Fair Moscow is an exhibition for the fast food industry. The show presents all the trends in the fast food industry, as well as food products and drinks, and the latest equipment and technologies. Major players in the fast food market take part in the exhibition.
International Fast Food Fair Moscow Event Category: Exhibition - Country: Russia - Town: Moscow
Category - Exhibition
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Event Language : English
Event Date : 14-03-2012
IFFF Moscow 2011 Exhibitor and Visitors Testimonials
(Original style, spelling and punctuation retained)

Fast food is actively developing in Russia. There were many interested people at show. I hope that next year you'll be able to attract a greater number of companies focused solely on fast food.

Coffee Shop
Our view on the organisation of this event is very positive. All the meetings we held were of an applied nature and had a practical orientation. We obtained important contacts - as an alternative to already established business relations with existing partners. We hope that this will continue at future exhibitions.

Thank you for effectively organising our participation in the “Retail Centre HoReCa” project. I enjoyed participating in this project and look forward to your invitation to participate in it and in 2012. As for the meeting organisation process, I have no comments and suggestions - all was well arranged.

Official response from Blindazh:

Blindazh rates highly the results of its participation in “Retail Centre HoReCa”. During our participation in this project, we held a significant number of meetings with potential suppliers, which have resulted in the signing of several agreements on cooperation. I would like to highlight the high level of organisation of both the IFFF exhibition and the special “Retail Centre HoReCa” project. We look forward to effective cooperation in the future.

Andrei Yakovlev
CEO of Blindazh
Despite the small list of exhibitors, it was a very lively show. The meeting zone worked well. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors on the first day (usually at Moscow exhibitions
there aren’t many visitors on the first day).

The idea of the exhibition and its specialisation in fast food is interesting.
Participation in the special “Retail Centre HoReCa” (RCH) project within the IFFF exhibition is a positive move. Lively communication with partners already working with our company is enjoyable, and it is even more rewarding to meet and collaborate with new partners. The new partners we met at IFFF allowed us to reduce the launch time for one of our projects (equipment was offered that successfully fitted into the developed plan). In 2012, we are prepared for further cooperation and a small addition. Our company is growing in Russia’s regions (opening new facilities), which is why at IFFF 2012 I would like to meet with partners from different regions of Russia. Thanks for the organisation and positive atmosphere at the show.

Maria Eroshina, Technology Service Director, Markon, Stardog!s TM
Raduga Cafe Bakery – on participation in RCH.
In general, the event is necessary. We found several really useful contacts of manufacturers at the show, plus we communicated with representatives of companies, helping us to resolve some issues, such as packaging and juices, and were able to compare the products, equipment and prices of some companies. I would like to select in advance or invited to participate a wider circle of producers who work with the HoReCa segment.

Ekaterina Chuzhikova, Raduga Cafe Bakery, Kamaliya

With a relatively small exhibition area, quite a lot of visitors attended. The construction of the stand was ​​very high quality and the exhibition staff were attentive to exhibitors’ problems.

Country Chicken
Thank you to the organisers of IFFF 2011 for the invitation and opportunity to participate in its events, one of which was the special “Retail Centre HoReCa” (RCH) project.

In my opinion, this project may become the most effective platform for direct communication and interaction between suppliers and potential consumers of all types of products - raw materials, packaging and services.

Most of my contacts proved interesting and useful. Some prompted new ideas. Others provided solutions in existing or planned projects.
With one of the suppliers we are holding meetings on cooperation to create a new chain of quick service businesses and bring new products to the market. Moreover, I am sure that the new chain will also generate demand for other new products, which will enhance our main production. I would be only too pleased to take part in the project in 2012!
Irina Rubacheva, General Director of Planning and Consulting, Restarator

I’m glad that such as exhibition has appeared. The subject is interesting.
Rosinter Restaurants
An interesting exhibition, well organised and effective for gathering information and establishing new contacts in an informal setting. Overall, a great solution, but unfortunately it did not bring me personally any new or useful ideas and solutions. But from the perspective of manufacturers and suppliers it was useful, as a minimum, because it made clear who to contact for further questions.

Companies with packaging, technologies, equipment were presented, as well as large and well-known companies.
New products were shown which will be available in the Russian market. Manufacturers from various Russian cities were presented.
Trade Design
I participated in RCH on two days - 14 and 15 March. This format is in my opinion very convenient – a working business environment, and opportunity to hold meetings and find new business partners.
Over the two days, RCH allowed me to meet and establish business relations with more than 10 companies, many of whichare leading HoReCa chains.
I would also like to take part in the event next year, and am confident that it will be even more interesting and comprehensive. I would like to thank all the organisers of the special RCH project and wish them further development and success.
Found several suppliers for products. Packaging was well presented. The staff at RCH were efficient.
I enjoyed two seminars where representatives of Subway and Pizza Empire spoke.
M.K. Aseptika
Any event is always organised by people and its success depends on their ability. The IFFF Moscow fast food exhibition in Crocus Expo lives up to its name 100%. Under one roof, the international company ITE managed to bring together representatives from different areas of the fast food industry. International Fast Food Fair Moscow is not only about new areas of development in the fast food industry, but also has a very special atmosphere of communication.

In today’s world, people are willing to pay for a useful and relevant information, if it helps them in achieving their goal. Finding new customers and expanding the market for individually packaged wet wipes is one of the key objectives of MK Aseptika. Cold calls fade into the background when there are people who are able to gather the key market players in one place. Telephone conversations are not always as effective as personal contact. After all, you can show off your product in person and explain its competitive advantages. And this can speed up the decision making process for starting work with a company as a potential customer. Thanks to the organisers of the exhibition we were able to communicate with representatives not only of major chains, but also regional chains across Russia. In 2012, we are looking at the possibility taking part in the exhibition with a stand, because we have something to offer our customers and have much to be proud of.

Many thanks to all the staff of ITE, who showed a high level of organisation and service. Responsibility, responsiveness and genuine attention to the exhibitors on the part of ITE shows that the main principle for them is partnership and mutual assistance.

Event Details :
Event Name : International Fast Food Fair Moscow
Event Category : Exhibition
Event Date : 14-03-2012
Country : Russia
Region : Moscow
Town : Moscow

Event Submitted By
Name : Marina Tokareva
Town : Moscow
Region : Russian Federation
Country : Russian Federation
Tel : +7 9136519589


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