Recommended Greece Vineyards
Vineyard: Katogi & Strofilia S.A. Vineyard: Papantonis Winery Vineyard: Stamata winnery Vineyard: Gavalas Winery
Vineyard in Greece Vineyard in Greece Vineyard in Greece Vineyard in Greece
Address: Epirus
Tel: +30 26560 42505
Address: Peloponnese
Tel: +30 27510 23620
Address: Central Greece
Tel: 210 6218119
Address: Cyclades
Tel: +30 22860 82552

Vineyards in Greece

Katogi & Strofilia S.A.

Giniets, Metsovo Agios Nikolaos, Metsovo Anavisos Asprokampos, Nemea Mamousia, Egialia The Yiniets vineyards are Greece’s highest; clinging to the slopes of Mou...

Vineyard in Epirus - Metsovo - Greece - Tel: +30 26560 42505
Papantonis Winery

The Papantonis vineyard consists of 20 acres planted in 1982 after extensive research. We chose the ideal fertile land located within the small village of Malan...

Vineyard in Peloponnese - 212 00 Argos - Greece - Tel: +30 27510 23620
Stamata winnery

Semeli was founded in 1979 with the aim of producing wines of high quality to satisfy the most demanding wine lovers.

Vineyard in Central Greece - Attica - Stamata - Greece - Tel: 210 6218119
Gavalas Winery

A tradition of three centuries Gavalas winery, in Megalochori, Santorini, is a family tradition. The family has been engaged in the vinification of the vari...

Vineyard in Cyclades - Santorini - Greece - Tel: +30 22860 82552
Creta Olympias Winery S.A.

Creta Olympias Winery S.A. was established in 1973 at the settlement of Kounavi in the Nikos Kazantzakis municipality of Heraklion/Crete.

Vineyard in Crete - Crete - Heraklio - Greece - Tel: (+30) 2810 74 13 83

Estate Protopapa was established in 1985 by Mr. A. Protopapas, a chemical engineer, with the intention of making high quality wine for the Greek and internation...

Vineyard in Macedonia - Kavala - Greece - Tel: +30 25920 44888

Andreas Sokos winery, has been in production for the last forty years in the region of Kitherona, renowned for thousands of years for the fine quality of it's w...

Vineyard in Central Greece - Kitherona - Erithres Attiki - Greece - Tel: 22630 62759

In sides of Kalouda Elassona, in altitude 400 m., under the "look of" Mount Olympus, are cultivated with genuine concern and love for good wine, chosen red & wh...

Vineyard in Thessalia - ELASSONA - Greece - Tel: +30 24930 24942
Comoutos Family

In the 360 private estate acres of the land field, the tradition in the production of the traditional Zante Verdea-Rouge-Rose wines continues.

Vineyard in Ionian Islands - Zakynthos - Greece - Tel: 26950-92284

Ktima Stergiou
Tel: +30 24670 72508   Address: Metamorfosi Kastorias   Region: Macedonia   Town: Metamorfosi Kastorias   Vineyard in Greece

Ktima Alexandridis
Tel: +30 23820 52495   Address: N. Mylotopos D. Kyrrou   Region: Macedonia   Town: Mylotopos Pellas   Vineyard in Greece

Domaine Skouras
Tel: +30 27510 23688   Address: 10th Kilometer Argos-Sterna   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Malandreni Argos   Vineyard in Greece

Tsolis Winery
Tel: +30 27630 22125   Address: Mouzaki Messinias   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Mouzaki Messinias   Vineyard in Greece

Tel: +30 24410 95250   Address: Messenikolas   Region: Thessalia   Town: Messenikolas   Vineyard in Greece

Allagiannis Winery
Tel: +30 22990 25562   Address: 27th Km Leoforos Peanias-Markopoulo   Region: Central Greece   Town: Markopoulo   Vineyard in Greece

D.Kourtakis S.A. - Greek Wine Cellars
Tel: +30 22990 22316   Address: 20, Anapafseos Ave.   Region: Central Greece   Town: Markopoulo   Vineyard in Greece

Ktima Papagiannakou
Tel: +30 22990 25206   Address: The new winery of Papagiannakos B. Papagiannakou 2   Region: Central Greece   Town: Markopoulo   Vineyard in Greece

Tel: +30 22960 90346   Address: Mourtiza Pefkeneas   Region: Central Greece   Town: Megara   Vineyard in Greece

Tel: +30 210 8319673   Address: 16 Bas. Petouri Street   Region: Central Greece   Town: Markopoulo   Vineyard in Greece

Agroktima Skouloudi
Tel: +30 22210 76638   Address: Mitikas Lilantion   Region: Central Greece   Town: Mitikas Evia   Vineyard in Greece

Mitziferis Vineyards
Tel: +30 22210 90690   Address: Dio Dentra, Mitikas Lilantion   Region: Central Greece   Town: Mitikas Evia   Vineyard in Greece

Katogi & Strofilia S.A.
Tel: +30 26560 41684   Address: Metsovo   Region: Epirus   Town: Metsovo   Vineyard in Greece

Mavrommatis S.A.
Tel: +30 2510 326265   Address: Amisiana   Region: Macedonia   Town: Kavala   Vineyard in Greece

Ktima Maggel
Tel: +30 24670 27220   Address: Koromilia   Region: Macedonia   Town: Koromilia Kastorias   Vineyard in Greece

Chateau Pegasus
Tel: +30 23320 27262   Address: Polla Nera   Region: Macedonia   Town: Naousa   Vineyard in Greece

Tel: +30 23320 28638   Address: Ano Gastra   Region: Macedonia   Town: Naousa   Vineyard in Greece

Kastaniotis Winery
Tel: +30 23320 22516   Address: Georgiou Kyrtsi 9   Region: Macedonia   Town: Naousa   Vineyard in Greece

Tel: +30 23320 22742   Address: Agras 12-14   Region: Macedonia   Town: Naousa   Vineyard in Greece

Domaine Porto Carras S.A.
Tel: +30 210 9949809   Address: Porto Carras, Sithonia, Chalkidiki   Region: Macedonia   Town: Porto Carras Chalkidiki   Vineyard in Greece

Tel: +30 26910 29415   Address: Selinous   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Aigion   Vineyard in Greece

Tel: +30 26910 97500   Address: 8th km Pounta-Kalavrita   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Ano Diakopto Egialia   Vineyard in Greece

Douros Winery
Tel: +30 27510 24908   Address: Koutsopodi Argos   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Argos   Vineyard in Greece

Papantonis Winery
Tel: +30 27510 23620   Address: kallie and Antonis Papantonis Kanari 48   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Argos   Vineyard in Greece

Ktima Tselepos
Tel: +30 210 6136563   Address: 14th km Tripolis-Kastriou, Rizes   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Arkadia   Vineyard in Greece

Tel: +30 26210 54069   Address: Skafidia   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Ilia   Vineyard in Greece

Stavropoulos Winery
Tel: +30 26230 32161   Address: Paleochori   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Ilia   Vineyard in Greece

Inomessiniaki Winery S.A.
Tel: +30 2710 69905   Address: 6th Km Kalamata-Messinis   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Kalamata   Vineyard in Greece

Domaine Gioulis
Tel: +30 27420 71140   Address: Klimenti Korinthos   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Korinthos   Vineyard in Greece

Lafkiotis S.A.
Tel: +30 27460 31244   Address: Archees Cleones   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Korinthos   Vineyard in Greece

Vatistas Winery
Tel: +30 27340 29088   Address: Lachi   Region: Peloponnese   Town: Lachi Lakonias   Vineyard in Greece

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Restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines


Restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines


“You can forget all your troubles
Forget all your cares, so go Downtown
Things will be great when you’re Downtown
No finer place for sure, Downtown
Everything’s waiting for you.”

(DownTown Song by Petula Clark released in 1964)

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Vineyard in Hungary

Bozóky Kft

Vineyard in Hungary

At present our winery holds about 35 hectares of vines spread around the excellent, sunny, south and south-west facing slopes of the Vértes hills on the areas of Csókahegy, Vénhegy, Koronahegy and Árpádhegy at the edge of the town of Mór.

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Nevezés Itt megtalál minden információt, amelyet a nevezéssel kapcsolatban tudni érdemes. Ha mégis kérdése lenne, kérjük lépjen velünk kapcsolatba. A Bormustrára a Kárpát-medence területén készült, a forgalombahozatalhoz szükséges engedéllyel rendelkező és a hazai kereskedelmi forgalomban kapható borokat lehet nevezni. Az elérhető (raktáron és piacon lévő) tételnagyságnak a “csúcs bor” kategória esetében legalább 500, a legjobb ár-érték arányú (“legjobb vétel“) kategória esetében legalább 5.000 palacknak kell lennie. Az utóbbi kategóriába nevezett borok bruttó kiskereskedelmi ára nem haladhatja meg a 2.000 Ft-ot.     More...
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O preparo dos mais diversos pratos da culinária brasileira está ligado aos aspectos socioculturais de nossa história e recebeu a influęncia de outros povos que aqui estiveram em épocas passadas e nos Legaram em patrimônio cultural valioso, influenciando e dominando até mesmo na alimentaçăo. A variedade de sabores e preferęncias regionais, com suas especiarias e temperos próprios, tornam-se irresistíveis ao paladar mais exigente de qualquer arte da cozinha nacional. Os índios brasileiros tinham uma mesa farta e variada, graças ŕ abundância da caça, pesca e dos frutos silvestres, de que se serviam. A farinha de mandioca tăo popular entre o povo, do mais simples ao mais requentado, é uma herança indígena. Depois de retirar a raiz, secavam-na ao sol ou ralavam-na ainda fresca numa prancha de madeira cravejada de pedrinhas pontiagudas, transformando-a em farinha alva, empapada que colocavam para escorrer e secar num recipiente comprido de palha trançada. O resultado é o tupuci, ingrediente essencial no preparo de um famoso prato da cozinha brasileira: o pato no tupuci. Além de ser usado como farofa ou para fazer beijus, pirőes, sopas e mingaus, o tupuci pode ser servido como sobremesa, regado com mel. As bebidas eram extraídas dos ananás, do caju, guaraná, jenipapo, acaiá e outros produtos nativos. O milho muito usado pelos índios foi amplamente aceito pelos portugueses, de paladar mais refinado, que preferiam a comida preparada pelas escravas negras do que as da măo indígena. As negras eram mais experientes eram mais caprichosas na arte de comer bem e assim, introduziram o coco-da-baia, o azeite de dendę, a pimenta malagueta, o feijăo preto, o quiabo e outros ingredientes para a elaboraçăo de pratos mais requintados. A uniăo das tręs raças criou uma cozinha tipicamente brasileira, desenvolvendo o uso constante da panela de barro, da colher de pau e do fogăo de lenha, indispensáveis para aprimorar qualquer quietude.     More...
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St. Patrick's Day Cake

St. Patrick's Day Cake

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