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"We went home, opened a bottle of Constantia Uitsig Wine and were flooded with memories of languid days in glorious sunshine.
It was exquisite." - Ben and Emma Norcott
Constantia Uitsig Vineyard by  - Vineyard Country: South Africa - Vineyard Region: Constantia Constantia Uitsig Vineyard by  - Vineyard Country: South Africa - Vineyard Region: Constantia Constantia Uitsig Vineyard by  - Vineyard Country: South Africa - Vineyard Region: Constantia Constantia Uitsig Vineyard by  - Vineyard Country: South Africa - Vineyard Region: Constantia
Constantia Uitsig - Constantia - Constantia - Cape Town
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Constantia Uitsig, known until 1940 as Constantia View, was the home of the Lategan family for five generations. Their ancestors arrived in this country in 1735.

Constantia Uitsig had been a portion of Simon van der Stel’s original grant of Groot Constantia. In 1894 Willem Lategan married Antoinette Bredell of Schoemanshoek, and with her inheritance he built the present homestead of Constantia Uitsig.

In 1988 the farm was purchased by David and Marlene McCay. Together they have restored the farm to its former glory, and Constantia Uitsig now boasts award winning wines, three world-renowned restaurants, a private cricket oval, Spa and a 16-roomed luxury hotel. In 2006 fifty percent of the wine estate was bought by a consortium.

Just 20 minutes from the heart of the city, Constantia Uitsig is truly Cape Town’s own Vineyard. The breathtaking rural beauty of a valley, where vineyard rows stretch up the mountainside, is unique in today’s overcrowded world.

In the spirit of collaboration with its neighboring wine farms Constantia Uitig has embraced the distinct, embossed ‘1685 Constantia South Africa’ wine bottle.

All Constantia Uitsig white wines are screw capped, whilst the red is bottled in natural cork. Constantia Uitsig was one of South Africa’s screwcap closure pioneers, implementing the select use of screwcap as early as 2003.

Constantia Uitsig produces Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Red and White Bordeaux blends- all noble cultivars ideally suited to the climate in the valley.

Viniculturist, Andre Rousseau, joined Constantia Uitsig in 1997. In 2003 he took on the complete scientific process ‘from soil to glass’, growing the wine grapes, making the wine, as well as preparing the wine for marketing, consistently producing highly rated, premium quality fine wines. He says: ‘My motivation is never to become complacent but to produce wines with pride and passion. We continuously strive to excel in what we do, for Constantia Uitsig to remain a distinguished, respected brand, and will continue this tradition with the release of our first Méthode Cap Classique in November 2007.
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Vineyard Name : Constantia Uitsig
Vineyard Country : South Africa
Vineyard Region : Constantia
Vineyard Town : Constantia - Cape Town
Vineyard Owner Name :
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Constantia Uitsig
Spaanschemat River Road
Constantia - Cape Town
South Africa
Tel : + 27 (0) 21 794 1810
E-mail :

Constantia Uitsig Vineyard by  - Vineyard Country: South Africa - Vineyard Region: Constantia

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