Valpolicella Campolietti Righetti Wine
Located in Valgatara, in the heart of Valpolicella Classico, the Luigi Righetti estate is small to mid-sized, family run winery. Since 1909, when Angelo Righetti first earned a reputation as an outstanding winemaker, the family has focussed on producing quality wines offering extremely good value. Righetti's wines exhibit an exceptional balance between fruit, wood aging, acidity and alcohol. The result is a line of wines that have good aging potential, but are available for early consumption as well. The most exciting tradition to evolve from the Veneto region is the process used to dry grapes prior to pressing. Amarone and "Campolieti", the ripasso Valpolicella, have traditionally been the products to benefit from this process.
Valpolicella Campolietti Righetti Wine by Luigi Righetti - Wine Country: Italy - Wine Region: Valpolicella - Wine Type: Corvina - Wine Category: Red Wines
Wine by - Luigi Righetti - Elephant Island Restaurant, Skibbereen, Ireland
Corvina » Red Wines » Luigi Righetti
Wine Language : English
People say that you should not drink red wine with Thai food. Well they are wrong, you just have to be careful with your choice. The intense fruit and acidity in this wine pairs beautifully with Thai food. A delicious red wine we can enjoy with spicy food.
Ruby red of middle intensity moving to garnet red with age. A harmonious wine. Intense bouquet with a distinct taste of bitter almonds.
Wine Details
Wine Name : Valpolicella Campolietti Righetti
Wine Type : Corvina
Wine Category : Red Wines
Wine Producer : Luigi Righetti
Wine Country : Italy
Wine Region : Valpolicella
Wine Submitted By
Restaurant : Elephant Island Restaurant
Restaurant Type : Thai
Town : Skibbereen
Country : Ireland
Owner : Nam Phonchot
Tel : +353 (0) 28 23876


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