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Vineyards in Abruzzi (Abruzzo),

Ciccio Zaccagnini
Tel: +39 0858 880195
Address: C. da Pozzo
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Bolognano
Vineyard in Italy
Az. Agr. Dino Illuminati
Tel: +39 0861 808008
Address: C. Da San Biagio, 18
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Controguerra
Vineyard in Italy
Franco Pasetti
Tel: +39 0856 1875
Address: Via San Paolo, 21
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Francavilla al Mare
Vineyard in Italy
Villa Cervia srl
Tel: +39 085 898894
Address: SS 553 Km 13,6
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Notaresco
Vineyard in Italy
Tel: +39 085 9032101
Address: Via Stortini 32/A
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Ortona
Vineyard in Italy
Az. Agr. Farnese Vini Srl
Tel: +39 085 9067388
Address: Az. Agr. Farnese Vini Srl Via dei Bastioni 2 - Castello Caldora
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Ortona
Vineyard in Italy
Tel: +39 0861 88461
Address: Via Torquato al Salinello, 8
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Sant´Omero
Vineyard in Italy
Cantina Miglianico
Tel: +39 0871 95831
Address: Via San Giacomo, 40
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Maglianico
Vineyard in Italy
Villa Medoro
Tel: +39 0858708142
Address: Frazione Fontanelle
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: ATRI
Vineyard in Italy
Podere Castorani
Tel: +39 346 6355635
Address: Via Castorani 5
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Alanno
Vineyard in Italy
Vitivinicola Enrico Dario
Tel: +39 0182 20548
Address: Via Massari 6
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Albenga
Vineyard in Italy
Terra D´Aligi - Spinelli
Tel: +39 0872897916
Address: Via Piana La Fara, 90
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Atessa
Vineyard in Italy
Tel: +39 085 8709115
Address: Loc. Casoli di Atri - Via delle Fornaci 15
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Atri
Vineyard in Italy
Tel: 39 086333133
Address: Via Roma 216
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Avezzano
Vineyard in Italy
San Lorenzo
Tel: +39 0861999325
Address: C. Da Plavignano, 2
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Castilenti
Vineyard in Italy
Col del Mondo
Tel: +39 085 8207831
Address: C.da Campotino 35 c
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Collecorvino
Vineyard in Italy
Tel: +39 085 8071804
Address: Via Nazionale per Teramo 290
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Colleranesco di Giulianova
Vineyard in Italy
Tel: +39 086170860
Address: C. Da Civita 29
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Colonella
Vineyard in Italy
Antonio e Elio Monti
Tel: +39 0861 89042
Address: C. Da Pignotto, 62
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Controguerra
Vineyard in Italy
De Angelis Corvi
Address: C.da Pignotto
Region: Abruzzi (Abruzzo) - Town: Controguerra
Vineyard in Italy
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Restaurant in Bascharage, Luxembourg

Restaurants-Pizzeria Carpini
Restaurant in Bascharage, Luxembourg
Pasta, pizzas, viandes et poissons; toutes les saveurs de la cuisine italienne et française vous sont proposées ici.

Après un bon repas, vous apprécier...

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Famous French Champagne    

Selected Vineyard

Vineyard in Portugal

Real Companhia Vinicolo do Norte de Portugal
Vineyard in Portugal
Vinhos do Douro & Vinhos do Porto A primeira referência escrita de que se tem conhecimento e ligada ao nome "Vinho do Porto", com referência ao Vinho do Douro ...
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2009 Viognier
Wines from United States
2009 Viognier Our international award-winning 2009 Viognier shows the varietal, Viognier aromatics on the nose. Among others are, apricot, grapefruit, crème br...
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Jantar do Baco - região do Douro
Event Date: 21.09.11
o jantar é composto por entrada, prato de peixe, prato de carne, sobremesa, com couvert, água e os diferentes vinhos, por 32,5€. Hora Quarta-feira, 21 de S...
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Coconut House
Coconut House is a one-stop haven where customers can encounter and experience the healthy benefits of coconut taken to the next level, beyond merely being used...
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Meatloaf et ses pommes de terre au paprika
Meatloaf et ses pommes de terre au paprika
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