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Vineyards in North Portugal,

Capla - Casanova Agro Pecuária S.A.

Restruturada em 1991 por Carmen Guimarães e seu marido Carlos Alberto, a adega da Quinta Villa Beatriz possui hoje todo o equipamento, tecnologia e estruturas p...

Vineyard in North Portugal - Póvoa de Lanhoso - Portugal - Tel: +35 1 253631523
Casa de Vila Verde
Tel: +35 1 255821450
Address: Casa de Vila Verde Caide de Rei
Region: North Portugal - Town: Caíde de Rei, Lousada
Vineyard in Portugal
Casa do Valle
Tel: +35 1 226176594
Address: Moimenta, Cabeceiras de Basto
Region: North Portugal - Town: Cabeceiras de Basto
Vineyard in Portugal
Casa da Tapada Soc. Agrícola
Tel: +35 1 253361012
Address: Apartado 2, Caldelas
Region: North Portugal - Town: Caldelas
Vineyard in Portugal
Fiuza & Bright - Carnaxide
Tel: +35 1 214249940
Address: Av. Forte, 4
Region: North Portugal - Town: Carnaxide
Vineyard in Portugal
Quinta dos Grilos
Tel: +35 1 232960140
Address: Apartado 28
Region: North Portugal - Town: Carregal do Sal
Vineyard in Portugal
Soc. Agr. da Quintade Santa Maria S.A.
Tel: +35 1 252960140
Address: Portela Carreira
Region: North Portugal - Town: Carreira BCL
Vineyard in Portugal
Adega Cooperativa de Castelo de Paiva
Tel: +35 1 255690200
Address: Camosa, Sobrado
Region: North Portugal - Town: Castelo de Paiva
Vineyard in Portugal
Quinta das Carvalhas
Tel: +35 1 253654139
Address: Cabeceiras de Basto
Region: North Portugal - Town: Cavez
Vineyard in Portugal
Casa do Campo - Emp. Tur. Lda
Tel: +35 1 255361231
Address: Casa do Campo Morales
Region: North Portugal - Town: Celorico de Basto
Vineyard in Portugal
Quinta da Bouça
Tel: +35 1 222087483
Address: Pedreira - Cerdal Valença
Region: North Portugal - Town: Cerdal
Vineyard in Portugal
Gonçalo Aires de Sá da Bandeira
Tel: +35 1 245996116
Address: Herdade do Gamito
Region: North Portugal - Town: Crato
Vineyard in Portugal
José Pinheiro
Address: Travessa da Boavista, 38
Region: North Portugal - Town: Cruz, V.N. Familicão
Vineyard in Portugal
Joaquim Costa Vargas
Tel: +35 1 284412430
Address: Herdade das Assentes de Baixo
Region: North Portugal - Town: Cuba
Vineyard in Portugal
Soc. Agr. Faldas da Serra
Tel: +35 1 232614500
Address: Rua Direita 12, Abrunhosa do Mato
Region: North Portugal - Town: Cunha Baixa
Vineyard in Portugal
António João da Costa Leme
Tel: +35 1 253961163
Address: Igreja, Curvos, S. Cláudio
Region: North Portugal - Town: Curvos
Vineyard in Portugal
Soc. Agr. Casa de Vilacetinho S.A.
Tel: +35 1 255619744
Address: Adega de Vilacetinho Alpendurada e Matos
Region: North Portugal - Town: Alpendurada
Vineyard in Portugal
Smith Woodhouse & Cª
Tel: +35 1 223776300
Address: Rua Rei Ramiro, 514
Region: North Portugal - Town: Vila Nova de Gaia
Vineyard in Portugal
Caves Moura Basto S.A.
Tel: +35 1 255423101
Address: Lugar da Devessa-S.Gonçalo-Apartado 7
Region: North Portugal - Town: Amarante
Vineyard in Portugal
W & J Graham´s
Tel: +35 1 223776330
Address: Quinta do Agro - Rua Rei Ramiro
Region: North Portugal - Town: Vila Nova de Gaia
Vineyard in Portugal
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Selected Restaurant

Restaurant in Sao Martinho do Porto, Portugal

Restaurante Royal Marina
Restaurant in Sao Martinho do Porto, Portugal
Gutes Fisch Restaurant direkt am Meer mit wunderschöne Aussicht auf die Lagune von Sao Martinho do Porto.
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Famous French Champagne    

Selected Vineyard

Vineyard in United States

Vineyard Baltimore Bend
Vineyard in United States
At Baltimore Bend Vineyard, our philosophy is the grapes make the wine.
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Wines from Italy

Wines from Italy
The Pinot Nero is an old vine variety from Burgundy. It is not very common in our region because of its cultivation needs and the difficulty of the vinification...
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Event Date: 19.05.13
OFERTA ESPECIAL MARTÍN MARTÍN Vermús al sol + Domingos de arroz cañi: 30 euros ¡¡7 EUROS DE DESCUENTO!!
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Cailles aux clémentines
Cailles aux clémentines
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