Avgokalàmara cretan recipe

Avgokalàmara cretan recipe
Category: Mediterranean Diet, Cretan Recipe.
Serves: 6 - 8 ,
Preparation time: 50min,
Level: Easy,
Blog: LuxuryOliveOil

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For the avgokalàmara sweet
5 eggs
5 tsp. ^eleon^ extra virgin olive oil
for recipe + 2 glasses for fry
5 tsp. sugar
5 tsp. tsikoudià for dredging
1 glass milk
1 packet baking powder

For the syrup

2 glasses sugar
1 glass water
cinnamon, walnuts and sesame

- Beat the olive oil with the sugar, the tsikoudia, the eggs, the milk and the baking powder. Slowly add the flour and knead well.
- Roll out a 1/2cm thick pastry sheet, cut it into squares of 10x10cm, twist them up in the shape of a cone, or tie them into knots. You can create all kinds of shapes and deep-fry them in hot olive oil. Then, place them on a paper towel.
- Prepare the syrup and immerse the avgokalamara in the boiling syrup.
- Allow each one to soak for a while and then place them on a platter.
- Sprinkle with sesame seeds, cinnamon, coarsely ground walnuts and some sugar.

Recipe Details

Recipe Name : Avgokalàmara cretan recipe
Recipe Chef Name : Stavros G.
Recipe Course : Desserts & Puddings
Recipe Type : Desserts & Puddings
Recipe Cuisine : Greek recipes
Recipe Diet :

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Name : Stavros G.
Town : Athens
Region : Attiki
Country : Greece
Tel : 00306932858585
Email : sales@luxuryoliveoil.gr
URL : https://www.luxuryoliveoil.gr/

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