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Mon Plaisir is London's oldest French Restaurant and has for over fifty years been family owned; established by the Viala brothers during the 'forties', it was acquired by Alain Lhermitte
Mon Plaisir Restaurant in London, United Kingdom Mon Plaisir Restaurant in London, United Kingdom Mon Plaisir Restaurant in London, United Kingdom Mon Plaisir Restaurant in London, United Kingdom
Mon Plaisir - London
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Restaurant Language : English
Take a stroll down Monmouth Street, London and you'll discover a little piece of England that will remain forever French.
Mon Plaisir, London's oldest French Restaurant, has been a purveyor of the finest French cuisine for over half a century.
The entente cordial hits you as you enter, and the French atmosphere is as thick as the waiters French accents. You'll find yourself surround by wonderfully original French artefacts, you could find yourself leaning against the pewter topped bar which once graced the lounge of a Lyonnais brothel.
Mon Plaisir Style
The four rooms have completely different feels, as you enter you find yourself in the original dining room which hasn't changed in the restaurant's long history. Since then Monsieur Lhermitte, the proprietor, has added three more uniquely individual areas. With the help of Biba designers Whitmore Thomas, he has managed to capture the feeling of French decadence in the Forties.
But people don't go to the Restaurant to look at the walls, Mon Plaisir's menu boasts the best of French food, from traditional to modern, just a browse through the menu will send your saliva glands into overload. How can you make the most of this hedonists wonderland?

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Contact Details
Mon Plaisir
19-21 Monmouth Street,
Covent Garden
United Kingdom
Tel : 020 7836 7243
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Mon Plaisir Restaurant in London, United Kingdom

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