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Aged 10 and 20 Years
If a fine Port is left to age for many years in oak casks it will gradually lose its original deep purple colour and take on the delicate amber hue know as Tawny.
ROYAL OPORTO Wine by Real Companhia Vinicolo do Norte de Portugal - Wine Country: Portugal - Wine Region: Douro - Wine Type: Tinta Francisca - Wine Category: Spirits / Liqueurs
Wine by - Real Companhia Vinicolo do Norte de Portugal
Tinta Francisca » Spirits / Liqueurs » Real Companhia Vinicolo do Norte de Portugal
Wine Language : English
Aged 10 and 20 Years
If a fine Port is left to age for many years in oak casks it will gradually lose its original deep purple colour and take on the delicate amber hue know as Tawny.
Throughout the ageing process the wine gently breathes the air through the pores of the wood. The simple fruitiness of young wine gradually recedes giving way to a vast range of subtle, mellow aromas: spice, liquorice, walnut, vanilla, ripe jam fruit, and fine oak wood.
Its them, the wisdom and the long experience of the cellar master of Real Companhia Velha intervene to select among those fine Ports ageing for so long the suitable ones to integrate the 10 and 20 years Old Tawny blend.
In its capcity of artist... of creator, taking advantages of his prodigious memory the master tastes all the wines to assess their intrinsic characteristics.
All the experience and inspiration is required to foresse the present and the future devolepment of the Portos selected and to anticipate the touch that each individual one will provide to the blend.

There will be younger wine for vigour and freshness and older wine for complexity and breed.
The aroma and flavour characteristic are in hands of the master who strives to create a wine in accordance with the company's s tyle.
The Real Companhia Velha 10 and 20 Years Old Tawny is rich, mellow and smooth with a subtle fruity taste well integrated and balanced. As a result of a long and careful ageing in selected oak casks it has developed a remarkable velvety flavour.

Over 40 Years
Aged patiently in the intense silence and unique atmosphere of the two hundred years lodges of the Company at Vila Nova de Gaia this fine Old Tawny Aged over 40 years is presented to the market at its best.
The intervening time on the ageing process was precisely that necessary for the wine to achieve its exact point of maturation and the inimitable qualities of a wine filled with history.

The harmony of its aroma
Delicate but beautifully aromatic.

The balance of its flavour
Mellow and ripe with overtones of oranges and raisins, nutty hints of toasted almonds.

The character of its taste
Smooth, well integrated and extremely elegant, a sweetness of fruit, honey and soft spice, balancing acidity leaves the mouth very clean with long lasting flavour of great finesse.
The exceptional character of this fine Old Tawny deserved also an exceptional maturation process in only the most selected oak casks, to acquire its distinctive pale medium amber colour with red brown tawny hints.

This Port is produced by skilful blending of wines that are matured for more than 40 years in the timeless
settings of the Port wine. During the years it acquired the genuine and distinct taste of wood and thus it
underlines the excellent qualities that distinguish it.
This old noble wine has a complex velvet bouquet, it is of a burnt topaz tonality, with much race and
character which is the result of the ageing process. It's a precious nectar, very elegant that touches the
ones who drink it.

Demarcated Region: DOURO
Grape Varieties: Tinta Francisca, Tinta Carvalha, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Francesa, Touriga Nacional
Wine Analysis: Alcohol % vol. 20ºC : 20,00
Specific gravity: 1028,6
Total Acidity g/l (C4H6O6) : 5,25
Volatile Acidity g/l (acetic) : 0,78
Total SO2 mg/l : 47

Serve: Served at 15 - 18ºC. Drink on its own or white cheese.
Storage: Store vertically at a ± 15º C, constant temperature.

R. Azevedo Magalhães, 314
4430 Vila Nova de Gaia
Tel: 351 22 377 51 00
Fax: 351 22 377 51 90

Fax: 351 22 377 51 60

Export Dept.
Fax: 351 22 377 51 80

Commercial Dept.
Free Line 800 202 615 (Only for Portugal)

Lisbon Offices
R. Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, Lote F6 - 1º Dto. Casal de Ouressa
2725 - Mem-Martins
Tel: 351 21 926 74 40
Fax: 351 21 926 74 49
Wine Details
Wine Type : Tinta Francisca
Wine Category : Spirits / Liqueurs
Wine Producer : Real Companhia Vinicolo do Norte de Portugal
Wine Country : Portugal
Wine Region : Douro
Wine Submitted By
Vineyard : Real Companhia Vinicolo do Norte de Portugal
Town : Vila Nova de Gaia
Country : Portugal
Owner : Porto_Douro
Tel : +35 1 223775100


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